Individual Cylinder Controller

Individual Cylinder Controller

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For customers who only want to operate two to four SURE CURE Cylinder Molds, the Individual Cylinder Controller is our smallest controller.

The Individual Cylinder Controller does not operate using a computer like the other controllers we offer.
A thermocouple wire is placed in the product to read the product's temperature.
The SURE CURE Cylinder Molds are operated by the Individual Cylinder Controller to follow the product temperature.

  • Controls two to four SURE CURE Cylinder Molds
  • Is portable.
  • Plugs into any normal 120V outlet.
  • Is very easy to operate


  • Is contained in a 10 x 8 x 4 metallic box.
  • Has an 8' power cord with straight blade plug.
  • Has 2 to 4 twist-lock power cords for powering SURE CURE Cylinder Molds.
  • Has an on/off indicator, output indicator, and open thermocouple indicator.


  • Can be moved throughout the plant easily to the customers liking.
  • Cheapest SURE CURE Cylinder Mold controller.
  • Operates SURE CURE Cylinder Molds to follow product temperatures for representative strengths


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