• Standard Anchor Test Kits

Standard Anchor Test Kits

for Tensile Strength of Anchors

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The tensile load is applied to the fixing mechanically; hydraulics are used to register the load only.

This enhances the systems reliability as it is not prone to hydraulic leaks. Also, mechanical loading provides smoother operation, eliminating hydraulic backlash.


Cat. No.Description
JAPC7280-0Standard Anchor Test Kit for Load Verification
JAPC7281-0Standard Anchor Test Kit for Testing Load Failure
Light Duty:0 to 1200 lbs.Force (0 to 5 kN)
40 lbs. (0.2 kN) gauge division
Medium Duty:0 to 3600 lbs.Force (0 to 15 kN)
100 lbs. (0.5 kN) gauge division