• Mesureur de brume (haze) pour surfaces très brillantes

Mesureur de brume (haze) pour surfaces très brillantes

  • BYK - Micro-Haze PLUS


The micro-haze plus measures gloss and haze in one measurement procedure. This handy hazemeter is the ideal solution for measurement on finished products, for quality control in the production line and for technical service at the customer site.

Comes complete with:

  • Hazemeter
  • Gloss and haze standard in holder
  • Traceable certificate
  • easy-link software with interface cable
  • Batteries
  • Leather pouch
  • Operating manual
  • Durable plastic carrying case

Free 1x preventive maintenance service during warranty period


  • Haze and Gloss 20°
  • Small and portable – fits in any lab coat pocket
  • Calibrate in the protective holder by pressing one button
  • Easy menu guided operation
  • Statistics with average, standard deviation and storage of measured values
  • Interface to PC
  • easy-link software included for direct data transfer from the hazemeter to Excel®


Measurement Range 0 – 180 GU¹
Repeatability 0.5 GU¹
Reproducibility 1 GU¹
Measurement Range 10 – 500 HU²
Repeatability 1 HU³
Reproducibility 7 HU³
Measurement Area 9 x 9 mm (0.35 x 0.35 in)
Memory 999 values
Batteries 2 AA Alkaline 1.5 V, approx. 5000 measurements
Dimensions 148 x 72 x 55 mm (5.8 x 2.8 x 2.2 in)
Weight 600 g (1.3 lbs)
¹ Gloss Units, ² Haze Units (Hlog), ³ measured on high gloss standard


  Gloss Haze
ISO 2813 13803
ASTM D 523, D 2457 E 430
DIN 67530  


Software for direct transfer from hazemeter and documentation in Excel®
For connection to USB-interface, incl. driver software
For data transfer to a PC, Sub-D 9-pins
Replacement calibration holder with haze tile, certificate included
Replacement calibration holder with high gloss tile, certificate included
High and medium gloss tile for checking purposes, certificate included


Ordering Information
Cat. No. Description
AG-4545 BYKWARE easy-link
AG-4401 USB-adaptor
CC-6819 Interface Cable
AG-4631 Calibration Holder Haze
AG-4513 Calibration Holder Gloss
AG-4514 Checking Standard