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    Mini-Plus Horizontal Gel Unit

Mini-Plus Horizontal Gel Unit

  • HU10
  • Rugged acrylic construction
  • All acrylic joints are chemically bonded
  • Doubly insulated cables, rated safe up to 1,000 volts
  • 99.00 $ CAD

These Units Are Designed To Give Long Service And Reproducible Results In Your Laboratory.

  • Rugged acrylic construction.
  • All acrylic joints are chemically bonded.
  • Doubly insulated cables, rated safe up to 1,000 volts. 
  • Gold plated electrical connectors, corrosion-free and rated safe up to 1,000 volts. 
  • Recessed power connectors, integral with the safety lid. 
  • 0.2mm diameter platinum electrodes, 99.99% pure.
  • Removable UV transparent gel casting trays.
  • Mini unit supplied with two casting trays, 6 x 7cm and 6 x 10cm.
  • Trays slotted and provided with Aluminium casting gates.
  • Midi, Maxi and Maxi-Plus units supplied with standard casting trays (require tape to cast gels)
  • Combs colour coded for thickness.
  • 1.0mm - White
  • 1.5mm - Red
  • 2.0mm - Blue
  • Combs adjustable in height.
  • Buffer re-circulation and cooling available.

Environmental Conditions:

  • This apparatus is intended for indoor use only.
  • This apparatus can be operated safely at an altitude of 2,000m.
  • The normal operating temperature range is between 4°C and 65
  • Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 3' decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C.

The apparatus is rated POLLUTION DEGREE 2 in accordance with IEC 664. POLLUTION DEGREE 2, states that: 'Normally only non-conductive pollution occurs.

Occasionally, however, a temporary conductivity caused by condensation must be expected".