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    Self Stirring Bod Probe

Self Stirring Bod Probe

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BOD Probe, Self-Stirring, 5 ft. cable, used with the 5000 and 5100 EPA approved for wastewater compliance reporting of BOD and CBOD.

YSI 5000 and 5100 are ideal laboratory instruments for BOD tests.

Both instruments feature: auto-calibration, large, graphic displays and low keypad profiles for maximum ease of use.

Four different models are available.

  • 5010: Includes a 3.25 inch stir paddle. Fits BOD bottles with a 5 degree taper/300 mL BOD bottles. These bottles are predominately used in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
  • 5010-J: Includes 4.25 inch stir paddle. Has an adaptor with a 5 degree taper to fit BOD bottles used predominately in Japan, China, and Taiwan. Will also work in 300 mL U.S. style BOD bottles.
  • 5010-K: Includes funnel with a standard taper of 24 and a 4.25 inch stir paddle. Fits BOD bottles predominately used in the U.K.
  • 5010-L: Includes a 4.25 inch stir paddle and funnel with standard taper of 19. Fits BOD bottles predominately used in European countries other than the U.K.

Features of all models:

  • Includes stir paddle
  • 5 ft. cable
  • Powered by Model 5000 or 5100