• Polyethylene Dippers

Polyethylene Dippers

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High-density polyethylene dippers with PVC grip handle for removing samples from large tanks.

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Confortable secure hand Grip.
  • 12ft (3.66m) Handle 2 pieces Has a wood core.
  • Has two pour spouts and graduations, PVCgrip Handle.
  • Dipper are not Autoclavable


    Cat. No.Description
    B01263WADipper 3ft Handle, 500ml (16oz) 4" diameter
    B01264WADipper 6ft Handle, 500ml (16oz) 4" diameter
    B01265WADipper 12ft Handle, 500ml (16oz) 4" diameter
    B01266WADipper 3ft Handle, 1000ml (32oz) 5-3/8" diameter
    B01267WADipper 6ft Handle, 1000ml (32oz) 5-3/8" diameter
    B01268WADipper 12ft Handle, 1000ml (32oz) 5-3/8" diameter