• Testeur d'impact

Testeur d'impact

Falling Weight Impact Tester is specially designed to determine the resistance to external blows of thermoplastic pipes and polymer test samples and components.

The apparatus conforms to the ISO3127, BS EN744 and EN 1411 test standards."Round the Clock Method" Lengths of pipe from a batch or production run are subjected to blows from a known mass which falls from a specified height.

Test standard ISO 3127 & EN744."Staircase Method" Lengths of pipe are subjected to blows from a known mass and shape but is dropped from differing heights depending on the results of each blow.

Test standard EN1411.By changing the Supports and clamping mechanisms, along with the shape of the Tup, and variable weights tests to other standards such as ASTM D5628, D5420, D3029, D2444 can be carried out.


  • Specially designed to evaluate the impact properties of polymer test samples and components.
  • Variable drop heights up to 2,000mm, giving a maximum impact velocity of 6.264m/s.
  • Variable drop weights between 1.25kg and 10kg.
  • Maximum impact energy 196 Joules.
  • Drop weight solenoid released and automatically returned using a pneumatically operated rodless cylinder.
  • The weight carrier can be fitted with different tup designs.
  • Picture shows version for testing pipes and incorporating a variable height “vee” rest for pipes from 16mm to 400mm dia. Also, fitted with anti-rebound device to prevent the weight striker hitting the pipe more than once.


Test Description
Impact Resistance by Falling Weight.

The impact energy is calculated from the drop height and drop weight, as follows :
Impact Energy = drop weight(kg) * drop height (m) * g
g= acceleration due to gravity = 9.81 m/s/s


Optional accessories available
Smaller & larger drop heights available, Larger bases to accept larger pipe diameters, Tup (Striker) shapes to customers requirements, Load carriers to customer's requirements, Optional weight sets available, Low Temperature Chambers, Tups to Customers specifications.