• Near Infrared Food Analyzer

Near Infrared Food Analyzer

  • Amazing Speed
  • Multi-Constituent Analysis
  • Enhanced Functionality
  • No Moving Parts
  • Easy Sampling
  • New and Improved Design


Accurate Analysis Results in a Fraction of the Time
At ESE, our team of experts is committed to bringing you top-of-the-line solutions that will improve productivity through superior process automation - something that’s key to maximizing your profits. Our newly released Q5L product analyzer is a perfect example of how we deliver. This industryleading analyzer, a trusted tool for nearly 10 years, couples Near Infrared Transmission (NIRT) technology with ESE’s own Process Optimizer software to bring you the most accurate testing results. It’s also a cinch to set up and comes available with Ethernet connectivity. Here are some more ways our carefully executed upgrade has made the Q5L better, bolder and faster than ever:

Incredible Speed

– Q5L Exclusive

Forget measurements that can take up to a minute … ESE’s Q5L product analyzer gives accurate results in as fast as five seconds. That’s a huge chunk of time and manpower you can dedicate elsewhere.
Multi-Constituent Analysis

Not only is the Q5L your solution for analyzing all types of processed foods, it simultaneously measures up to ten constituents including Fat, Protein, Total Solids, Moisture and Lactose. And the list keeps growing as we’re constantly discovering new applications.

Unmatched Reliability

– Q5L Exclusive Say goodbye to maintenance headaches. Our new version was engineered to use no moving parts which helps ensure the accuracy and repeatability of all your sample measurements.

Improved Functionality

– Q5L Exclusive With the Q5L, you can measure all types of samples including liquids, solids, viscous slurries and powders using just one machine. Its unique four-position sample holder also guarantees repeatable results from one sample to the next.


Q5L Specifications


The Q5 family of revolutionary near infrared product analyzers offers exceptional speed and repeatability resulting in the most accurate constituent testing results available today. All ESE Q5 analyzers are supported by a knowledgeable team of experts dedicated to providing simple and efficient start-ups and years of trouble-free service for you.
Nominal Sampling Time: 5 seconds
Product Types: Liquids, Solids, Slurries & Powders
Sample Preparation: None
Number of Product Models: Unlimited
Number of Constituents: Unlimited
Bi-directional Communications: Standard Option
Lamp Intensity Correction: Automatic
Database Back-up: Automatic every 24 hrs
Outlier Identification: Automatic
Outlier Removal: Automatic & Manual
Noise Removal: Selectable by wavelength
Moving Parts: None
Recommended Spare Parts: Light Bulb
Warranty: 3 years
Software: Process Optimizer Suite
covers all functions
Program Security: 3 Access Levels
Service Progams:
  • Basic & Classic
  • Productivity Paks
  • Available
Factory Support: Field Service, In-house repairs & remote support
Technology: Near Infrared Transmission
Sensitivity Range: 650 to 1050 nm
Light Source: 2000 hr Halogen/Krypton Bulb
Electrical Supply: 120VAC, 60Hz
Weight: 28 lbs
Dimensions: 17.25”L x 8.50”W x 10.00”H
Repeatability: 99.98%
Multiplexing: Up to 6 units on 1 computer
Adjustable Path lengths: 5 lengths selectable by product
Computer Requirements: Windows XP Pro SP2+ 3.0 GHz+ Processor IE 6.01+ 1 GB RAM
Integration: OPC & ODBC Connectivity
System Contents:
  • Testing Unit
  • 3 prong power cable
  • Communications Cable
  • Process Optimizer Suite
  • Standardization Filters
  • 2 spare bulbs
  • 2 days on-site start-up
  • 1 year Productivity Pak
•• Patent Pending ••