• New online analyzer

New online analyzer

  • Amazing Speed
  • Multi-Constituent Analysis
  • Enhanced Functionality
  • No Moving Parts
  • Easy Sampling
  • Quicker ROI


Accurate Analysis Results in a Fraction of the Time
At ESE, our team of experts is committed to bringing you top-of-the-line solutions that will improve productivity through superior process automation - something that’s key to maximizing your profits. Our newly released Q5I inline product analyzer is a perfect example of how we deliver. This industry-leading analyzer, a trusted tool for nearly 10 years, couples Near Infrared Transmission (NIRT) technology with ESE’s own Process Optimizer software to bring you the most accurate testing results. It’s also a cinch to set up and comes available with Ethernet connectivity. Here are some more ways our carefully executed upgrade has made the Q5I better, bolder and faster than ever:: 

Incredible Speed

– Q5I Exclusive 

Forget measurements that can take up to a minute … ESE’s Q5I inline product analyzer gives accurate results in as fast as five seconds. This major time savings lets you monitor and control a product while it’s made, without waiting for lab sample results. It also allows the absolute fastest response to system upsets and the ability to dial in tighter set points to improve process control. 

Multi-Constituent Analysis

Not only is the Q5I your solution for analyzing all types of processed foods, it simultaneously measures up to ten constituents including Fat, Protein, Total Solids, Moisture and Lactose. And the list keeps growing as we’re constantly discovering new applications.. 

Unmatched Reliability 

–Q5I Exclusive 

Say goodbye to maintenance headaches. Our new version was engineered to use no moving parts which helps ensure the accuracy and repeatability of all your sample measurements. 

Improved Functionality 

–Q5I Exclusive 

With the Q5I, you can measure all types of samples including liquids, solids, viscous slurries and powders. It utilizes a flow cell that’s light and compact for easy installation. Standard and custom flow cells are available and most styles can be cleaned-in-place (CIP). 

Easier Use and Set-Up

As always, ESE’s Q5I analyzer is extremely user-friendly. And with Ethernet connectivity available, sampling data is readily accessible to managers, operators and automated controls. Another plus: this in-line analyzer is easily integrated into your plant’s process control system.

Fast ROI

–Q5I Exclusive

The Q5I translates into quicker ROI for your company. Its speed and accuracy allow for a huge variety of applications including short production runs and its incredible ability to maintain tighter set points saves raw materials and prevents off-spec product and costly rework.