• Headspace Oxygen Analyzer

Headspace Oxygen Analyzer

Versatile, rugged design
The Model 901 is a battery-operated, portable oxygen analyzer used for the measurement of residual oxygen in gas-flushed (CAP/MAP) food packages. This hand-held unit can be used by non-technical personnel where you need it, in the lab or at the packaging line, or it can be easily transported to other locations. The Model 901 is powered by Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries, with typically 8 hours of operation before recharging is required.


Food applications
The Model 901 design has proven itself in hundreds of installations for food applications such as meats, fresh produce, pasta, nuts, snackfoods, dairy products and coffee. The sensor is unaffected by high levels of background gases such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide. The Model 901 can also be used for applications where the oxygen level is very high (50 to 100%), without overloading the sensor. It is unaffected by trace hydrocarbons or high levels of CO2, which can poison other types of sensors.


Easy sampling & analysis
The Model 901 sample probe is tipped with a particulate filter and luer fit syringe needle with side-port holes to prevent plugging. Sample is drawn through the probe and turbing and then to oxygen sensor when the pump is turned on. The pump is electronically timed to draw in the precise amount of sample required for the analysis, and then turns itself off after the pre-set sampling time (5 to 10 seconds). Th eoxygen concentration is read on the display.


Low cost
The Model 901 is cost effective, reliable alternative to other analyzers. Not only is the initial costs are lower as well. When service is required, units are generally repaired and returned the same day as received to minimize down-time.


Principle of operation
The Model 901 uses a syringe needle sampling assembly to pierce the package and draw a sample into the analyzer sensor for oxygen measurement. The sensor signal is converted to per-cent centration and displayed on the LCD screen The oxygen sensor used in the 901 was specifically designed for gas-flushed packaging measurements. the sensor is a proprietary electrochemical design which is inexpensive, quick to respond, requires minimal power and has excellent zero and span stability. Unlike zirconia sensors which are heated to 500-600°C, the 901 sensor will not crack when exposed to liquid water drolets and is unaffected by trace hydrocarbon gases.


Range 0.1 to 100 % Oxygen
Resolution 0.1% Oxygen
Sensor Electrochemical Cell
Sample pump Internal, with adjustable timer
Sampling assembly Probe with male luer connectioon for side-port needle, coiled PTFE tubing
Power supply Four "AA" rechargeable batteries; auto shut-off after 45 minutes idle. Charger included
Battery life Eight hours before re-charging
Size 8 x 4 x 1.8 in. (200 x 100 x 40 mm)
Weight 1 lb. (450 gms)


Optional equipment
External Battery Charger for charging spare set of batteries.


Cat. No. Description
QU901-0000 Headspace oxygen analyzer
QU9001-000 Foam seal pads, single side adhesive (pkg of 200)
QU9003-000 Sapre needles, side hole (pkg of 3)
QU9005-000 Particulate sample filters (pkg of 5)
QU9007-000 Sample probe assembly
QU9022-000 Operating Manual
QU9015-000 Valupak supplies package with needles, filters and foam seal pads.