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Canal Parshall

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The Parshall flume was developed by the U.S. Soil Conservation Service in the 1920's to measure irrigation water flow. 

Its principle advantages include low head loss, self cleaning capability, and its ability to withstand relatively high degrees of submergence without affecting the rate of flow. Parshall flumes are best used in channels having rectangular cross-sections. Extreme care must be taken when mating them to circular channels.



Accura-FloTM Parshall flumes are available in one-piece construction or in easily assembled panel design. Where access to the proposed location is limited or the overall size of the flume makes transportation difficult, the flumes are constructed of two or more pieces. Other options include:
• Inlet/outlet adapters for circular channels
• Nested inserts for greater measuring range
• Stilling wells
• Staff gauges
• Wing walls
• Wide variety of instrument accessories