• Wireless concrete maturity sensor

Wireless concrete maturity sensor

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Giatec SmartRock2™ is a rugged mobilebased wireless sensor for monitoring the temperature and strength of concrete from fresh to hardened stage.

SmartRock2™ can be easily placed in the concrete formwork (installed on the rebar) before pouring to monitor the temperature of concrete in situ. The continuous measurements are recorded on the SmartRock2™ memory and can be downloaded and analyzed onsite at any time during the concrete setting and hardening using the free Android/iOS mobile apps on a smartphone or tablet device.


  • Formwork removal timing
  • Post-tensioning
  • Monitoring temperature gradients in mass concrete
  • Optimization of curing conditions
  • Quality control in the field
  • Opening roads to traffic



  • Wireless technology
  • Rugged and waterproof design
  • Easy installation and activation by tying the wires together
  • Extended length temperature sensor cable for mass concrete
  • Long battery life (up to 3-4 months after installation)
  • Patents pending


  • Real-time data display (e.g. temperature, strength, max-min)
  • Maturity calibration database
  • Free Android and iOS apps for smartphone and tablet
  • Easy data sharing between team members
  • Project management tools
  • Full PDF reporting and CSV data exporting

Reading Range
-30 to 80 °C (-22 to +176 °F)
± 1°C
Measurement Frequency
Once every 30 mins
Wireless Signal Range
Up to 6-8 meters (20-26 feet)
38 x 38 x 12 mm (1.5 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches)
Temperature Cable Length
40cm (16 inches) / 3m (10 feet)
Battery Life
Up to 4 months after installation
Data Communication and Analysis
Android and iOS app