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    Mobile Base Station

Mobile Base Station

  • For 3G Cellular Phone Network
  • No PC or LAN needed
  • Used with all RTR-500 Data Loggers

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This model mobile base station is designed for use with 3G cellular networking in cases where PCs and LAN networks are non existent or impractical.

It collects data from nearby data loggers via wireless radio communication and then automatically sends it via 3G/2G cell phone networking to the set FTP server or e-mail. It is also compatible with T&D WebStorage Service making it easy to collect data and monitor readings without having to setup your own recipient server.

1-  “Mobile” makes it possible to...

  • Gather recorded data and monitor for warnings even in environments where network or PCs are not available.
  • Check data from your smart phone or mobile device
  • Get GPS location Info

* It is necessary to purchase a SIM card for data separately. It may also be necessary to make a contract with a provider if not provided with SIM card.

 2- Check and Share Data via Cloud

This can be used with our free T&D WebStorage Service making it easy to monitor data from any web browser on PC or mobile device. This also makes it easy to share data to various locations across any distance.

3- Warning Monitoring Function

Upon a warning’ e-mail reports can be automatically sent and/or by connecting a buzzer or lamp to the contact output, you can set up an on-site alarm.

Extension Possible for Wireless Communication

The communication range between logger and base is about 150 meters (500 ft),but this can be easily extended by adding a repeater unit.

Choice of Power Supply

The collector will run for about 2 days* solely off 4 AA alkaline batteries, but for use over longer periods use the optional AC adaptor or an external power source ( DC10-24V ).
*Actual battery life is not guaranteed.

Various Warning Settings

Warning Monitoring settings can be made for upper and lower limits, sensor error, logger battery level, communication error, and contact input.

Register up to 20 Data Loggers

It is possible to manage up to 20 separate data loggers (remote units) from one RTR-500MBS-A. And for easy management you can create up to 4 groups, and up to 5 repeaters can be added to each group.
 * For RTR-574 and RTR-576, registration of one unit will be counted as two units.

Remote Monitoring of Location with GPS

Connecting a commercially available GPS antenna makes it possible to add location info to your data.

FunctionalityMobile Base Station
Comm InterfacesUSB, Optical, Short Range Wireless, 3G Communication
Warning NotificationsExternal Contact Output, E-mail, Software/Browser
PowerAA Alkaline Battery x 4, AC Adaptor, External Power
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: 10 to 55°C ( -10 to 55°C with external power connected) Humidity: 90%RH or less (no condensation)
DimensionsH:96mm × W:66mm × D:39mm
Waterproof CapacityNone
Battery LifeApprox. 2 days
AccessoriesAntenna, External Power Cable, USB Mini-B Cable, etc.