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Wireless Weather Station

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The new Davis Wireless Weather Station Vantage Vue combines Davis’ legendary accuracy and rugged durability into a compact station that’s easy to set up and use.

Vantage Vue includes a sleek but tough outdoor sensor array and a distinctive LCD console. Its unique Weather Center function provides additional information on each weather variable. In addition, Davis has made Vantage Vue radio-compatible with our flagship Vantage Pro2 stations so you can mix-and-match most components.


  • Home weather watching and gardening
  • Schools and universities
  • Vacation homes and cabins
  • Fire fighting and emergency response


  • Updates every 2.5 seconds (up to 10x faster than the competition)
  • Wireless transmission up to 1,000 ft. (300 m) is 3x farther than the competition
  • Records wind speed as low as 2 mph (3 km/h) and as high as 150 mph (241 km/h)
  • Solar-powered with stored energy backup
  • Easy-to-read, backlit LCD screen at 3" x 4 3/8" (8 x 11 cm)
  • Survives cyclic corrosion tests simulating wear in extreme weather environments


  • Displays indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall and more
  • Sealed electronics in the integrated sensor suite provide protection against the elements
  • Glow-in-the-dark keypad for night viewing and domed buttons for better feel
  • Frequency-hopping spread spectrum radio for reliable data transmission
  • 50 on-screen graphs for comparing current and past weather
  • 22 alarms to warn of dangers such as high winds, possible flooding and more
  • Radio compatible with Vantage Pro2
  • Optional WeatherLink software for extensive weather analysis and data storage. PC, Mac and Internet versions.
  • Dimensions:
    • Console: 8" x 8" x 4"
    • (203mm x 203mm x 101mm)
    • LCD Display: 3" x 4 3/8"
    • (80mm x 110mm)
  • Integrated Sensor Suite:
    • 18.25" x 7.25" x 15.25"
    • (464mm x 184mm x 387mm)
Cat. No.Description
DA6250-000VantageVue, 0.01"/tip
DA6250M-00VantageVue, 0.2 mm/tip


Wireless Weather Station