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View Up-to-the-Minute Readings on your Weather Station or PC

WatchDog Weather Stations and SpecWare Software let you monitor and analyze a customized database of site-specific growing conditions. WatchDog weather stations provide you with real-time, local weather information and is an affordable and versatile solution for growers, researchers, and consultants.

Reliable Engineering

Each WatchDog Weather Station features a built-in data logger that stores your measurements in a fail-safe, non-volatile memory at user-defined intervals. Select measurement intervals of 1, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes. A 30-minute interval will record for 183 days before the station's memory is full. Add up to 6 plug-in sensors and customize your station to your measurement needs. An 12-month battery power source (4 AA batteries) means no solar panels to purchase or maintain. Suit your specific needs by choosing from direct connection, wireless, cellular or other data transfer options.

Enhanced LCD Display

Check current and daily high/low readings for the past 30 days or confirm the station and sensors are performing — without connecting to a PC. Select Spec 8 Pro disease models can run on the station, providing field viewing of disease severity indicators.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Preassembled sensor array with mounting hardware makes setup quick and easy. Add-on sensors plug directly into the station - no complex wiring or calibration required. U.S. or metric units of measure. Mounts to post, tripod, or 1 1/4in. pole.

The WatchDog 2700 measures, calculates, and logs:

• Wind speed and direction
• Wind chill
• Dew point
• Air temperature
• Relative humidity
• Rainfall
• Up to six other add-on sensors


Item #  Description
SP3340WD2 WatchDog Model 2700 Weather Station