• Biological Degradability Measuring System

Biological Degradability Measuring System

  • WTW - OxiTop Control A 6 - A 12 - S 6 - S 12 - OC 110

DIN ISO 29 408, ISO 9408, OECD 301 F

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The determination of biological degradability must be ensured before using "new" chemicals for the first time; not for reasons of environmental protection, but also to minimize disposal costs.

The prepared sample and a blind sample are stirred in a closed bottle at a constant temperature for 28 days.

The generated CO2 is removed from the headspace by means of an absorber so that the generated vacuum pressure can be used as a measure for the biodegradability.

The continuous recording of the measured values in the OxiTop-C ensures the required documentation.

The measuring bottles and the adapter can be autoclaved at 121 °C.


  • Easy handling for secure results
  • Flexible use for different volumes and temperatures
  • Graphic evaluation in the controller for process monitoring

ModelDescriptionOrder no.
OxiTop Control S 6Set with 6 measuring points, OC 110208196
OxiTop Control S 12Set with 12 measuring points, OC 110208198
OxiTop Control A 6Set with 6 x 1.0 l bottles, OC 110208220
OxiTop Control A 12Set with 12 x 250 ml, OC 110208222
OxiTop OC 110Controller208207
OC 110
Measuring range BOD standard and routine0 to 4000 mg/l BOD
BOD special0 to 400.000 mg/l BOD
pressure500 to 1350 hPa
Data sets (depending on measuring interval)180 to 360 data sets per head
Measuring interval0.5 h to 99 days
>OxiTop®-C, OxiTop®-C/B
Measuring range500 to 1350 hPa
Accuracy±1 % v. Mw. ± 1hPa