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Our most economical pass-through radiometer for measuring UV radiation levels in high intensity, high energy curing environments.

The CON-TROL-CURE® DISKURE 365™ radiometer is a self-contained UV dose measuring instrument small enough (5.5" diameter x .5" height) for use in most UV curing ovens. A sensor on one side is exposed to the radiation and the other side contains a digital LCD which displays direct energy readings in millijoules per cm2.

The aluminum housing can withstand exposure to oven temperature as well as intense vibration and shock. This durability makes the DISKURE 365™ ideal for measuring UV light energy in harsher environments such as photosensitive resist exposure systems, web processing equipment, print plate exposure systems and most UV curing ovens.

To use, switch the ON/OFF toggle to turn the radiometer on. Place the radiometer on the conveyor face down. Special filters and photodiodes absorb the visible as well as the IR portion of the light, so that measurements are made only on the required spectral region. After exposure, the radiometer’s LCD shows the total UV measured in millijoules/cm2 to which the unit was exposed.



  • .5" height ideal for use in most types of UV curing equipment
  • Simple operation requires no previous training
  • Lightweight aluminum housing offers durability for use in harsher curing environments and oven temperatures
  • Versatility widens scope of quality testing of UV curable products.
  • Offers reliable UV dose reading to easily standardize UV light energy requirement for every application
  • Complete process standardization possible when coating is calibrated with the CON-TROL-CURE™ Ink Cure Analyzer™
  • Recalibration Service ensures performance consistency to deliver accurate results.



Overall Dimensions:5.5" diameter x .5" height
Weight500 grams
Spectral Range250 to 410 nanometers
Linearity and RepeatabilityUp to ±1%
Measuring Range0 to 5,000 milliwatts/cm2
Heat Resistance70°C (long exposure duration)
ReadoutSix (6) digit Liquid Crystal Display
HousingAluminum/stainless steel cover
Power3.6 V Lithium-Battery, 100µA(10,000 running hours) Factory recalibration and battery replacement are recommended.
Calibration RequirementsEvery 12 months depending on use (average use: once a day; heavy: 3-5 times/day)


Recalibration Information:

DISKURE 365™ radiometers require calibration every 12 months depending on use. Typically, the intensity of the UV light in a curing processor will eventually cause degradation of the UV lamp reflector materials. This intensity will also affect the components of a frequently used radiometer. This is why regular calibration is suggested. We recalibrate your DISKURE 365™ and replace the battery. Recalibration of the DISKURE 365™ is normally completed after 2-3 weeks from the time we receive it.