SurfACE™ Sponge-Stick in Twirl-Tie™ BagSurfACE™ Sponge-Stick in Twirl-Tie™ Bag

SurfACE™ Sponge-Stick in Twirl-Tie™ Bag

  • Biocidefree cellulose sponge -dry or pre-moistened with 10 ml buffer
  • Quick sponge-release
  • Bags can be opened easily

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This surface sampling device consists of a 3" x 1.5" (7.5 x 3.5 cm) biocide-free cellulose sponge - dry or pre-moistened with 10 ml buffer.

 It offers a unique, quick sponge-release handle for fast and convenient sponge release. The stick includes a thumb stop to avoid accidental sponge contact.

There are no gloves needed for different sampling sites and the stick is perfectly suited to sample in gaps, drains, and pipes and is available dry or pre-moistened with 10 ml buffer.

The included bags can be opened easily with attached pull tabs and offer a label area for sample identification. This Sponge-Stick placed in a twirl-tie bag offers 9 months shelf life from production.

Storage temperature: 15°C - 25°C



 1.Tear bag and remove sponge handle.



 2.Collect sample by vigorously rubbing sponge on the target area (e.g. 30 x 30 cm, 1 x 1 ft.).


3.Release sponge from the quick release handle into the Twirl-Tie™ bag provided, by pulling the clip back.


 4.Close the Twirl-Tie™ bag with the wires attached and label it. No switching of gloves between sampling sites needed.

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