• Automatic and computerized oedometer

Automatic and computerized oedometer

The ACE oedometer of automatic consolidation is made of a compact loading frame equipped with two coaxial pneumatic cylinders: one for low load and one for higher loads, with automatic loading.

The load is controlled by a pneumatic servo valve of high precision. Two analog channels: one for displacement sensor and one for load cell with a closed loop feedback. The testing end may be programmed in terms of time or number of bearing. The software allows the control of 60 ACE units. The test parameters are programmed by the operator. The test results are stored and displayed in real time on the PC. The data will be processed with the MS Excel spreadsheet as BS or ASTM Standards. The frame accepts all standard consolidation cells ø 50.7 to 112.80 mm. PC, consolidation cells, the worksheet and the software will be ordered separately.
This test determines the rate and amplitude of consolidating a soil specimen laterally confined and subject to a number of successive increments of load.

For this automatic model, the incremental loading in charge mode (stress) or swelling (deformation) is performed automatically for accurate performance of the test and reliable results with time saving. ACE completed with the SHEARMATIC shearing machine and the AUTOTRIAX triaxial test together constitute a unique range of automated equipment for geotechnical testing (Consolidation, shear, triaxial) in various configurations.

Key Test:

  • Automatic controlled trial PC
  • Incremental consolidation and axial swelling tests
  • Continuous testing 24/7 for high efficiency
  • Avoid any discrepancies related to operator error, not calibration, etc. ...
  • Data display and real-time chart
  • PC software to control up to 60 units
  • High speed LAN communication





Maximum vertical load 15 kN
Displacement sensor Race 10 mm
Air Supply 10 bar. If the compressed air is not available in the laboratory, our model 86-D2015, the cap 50 is adapted
Specimens Dimensions dia 50.47 to 112.80 mm with appropriate cell
Computer Software to control up to 60 units
Network mode PC Connection with LAN / Ethernet port to a maximum of 60 units
Precision data +/- 1%
Dimensions 280x300x600 mm (h)
Body Weight 25 kg