• Test de surface ATP universel

Test de surface ATP universel

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  • Longue durée de vie
  • Précision et reproductibilité sans précédent

SnapShot™ universal ATP surface tests are compatible with most manufacturers' luminometers.

Each version is designed to replicate the ATP reaction of the test it's replacing, eliminating the need to change pass/fail settings. In addition, SnapShot uses Hygiena's unique liquid-stable reagent, allowing for more reproducible results. SnapShot devices cost up to 50% less, allowing users to expand their testing program with the same budget.

Hygiena's unique liquid-stable chemistry improves test result consistency and offers a higher resistance to sanitizer effect. The liquid chemistry eliminates the need to reconstitute lyophilized pellets and reduces variability in activation.

SnapShot's advanced device design and liquid-stable chemistry offer greater sensitivity than other test devices, enabling you to detect even lower levels of ATP.

SnapShot and drastically reduce variability from test to test. In a third party study by a food and beverage laboratory, SnapShot demonstrated superior performance and consistency over other manufacturers' devices.

Our patented design ensures superior sample recovery and accurate ATP measurements. Why is this important? Inferior sample recovery means the sample will most likely be lost or diluted in the activation and mixing process, leading users to believe a surface is cleaner than it truly is.

  • Costs up to 50% less than competitor ATP swabs, enabling you to cut your costs, and get more tests for your money
  • Unprecedented accuracy and reproducibility
  • No changes in pass/fail limits are necessary - SnapShot works exactly the same as the device it is replacing
  • Patented Snap-Valve™ technology improves sample recovery
  • Tolerant to temperature abuse
  • Test wet or dry surfaces and liquid samples
  • Pre-moistened swab bud for easy sample collection
  • Self-contained, liquid-stable reagent
  • Recyclable #7
  • Write-on swab label
  • Shelf life:
    • 15 months at refrigerated temperatures (2-8 ºC)
    • 4 weeks room temperature (21-25 ºC)
  • Compatible Luminometers

    • 3M Clean-Trace
    • BioControl MVP
    • BioControl Lightning
    • IDEXX Lightning
    • Biotrace NG
    • Biotrace Uni-Lite XCEL
    • Biotrace Uni-Lite
    • Biotrace Uni-Lite NG Junior
    • Celsis systemSURE
    • Merck Hy-Lite